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Begin here with our Fundamentals program. A step-by-step program where our coaches work closely with you to teach the fundamental movements of CrossFit and prepare you for success!

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Undeniable Barbell Club

Just looking for some heavy lifting?  UBC is geared to get you stronger and more technical in your Olympic Weightlifting.  See how we accomplish this.

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These Undies have got it all!  Commitment, Standards, Professionalism, Drive and Community!  They bring so much to our CrossFit family and devote themselves to being the best they can be as CrossFitters and individuals.  Want to become better at CrossFit and life in general?  Aspire to be more like these people

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  • "Great coaching! Excellent community! Could not ask for a better crossfit experience."
    Todd Hicks
  • "I feel blessed in many ways to have found this box. I was pretty intimidated by things I had heard about CF, that is until I started my training and actually spoke to the coaches and saw first hand what a great group of people workout here. It is by far the best of the best that anyone at any level could ever hope for. CFU coaches are all excellent and very helpful in all realms of life!"
    Wendy Stark Foss
  • "I could not have been more scared to start crossfit 8 months ago... and I never thought I'd be able to stick with it. CF Undeniable changed all that for me! I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful gym. The coaches are AMAZING - everyone truly cares about your performance, your form, and you! On top of that, the community is one I never dreamed of. This is definitely my "home" gym and I look forward to going for years to come. Thank you Zac and Karly for your commitment to this wonderful gym, this is the first time in my life that working out is an enjoyable part of my life and not a chore. =D"
    Lauren Dandurand
  • Fantastic box. Loved the coaching.
    Tony Rogers
  • "The best part of my day is when I walk through the doors to Crossfit Undeniable. The coaches are always helpful and the community is second to none. I have found a home with a group of folks that are supportive and coaches that always go to the extra mile to help and motivate."
    Brian Saprano
  • "This is a quick "thank you" for letting me drop in, unannounced, to workout with my daughter yesterday. Great workout and adjustments for my limitations. Glad she now has a box family of her own!"
    Rhonda Rasnick